Proximity Alert! Part II

Acquisto Cialis In Italia While my last paper focused on considerations of proximity in regards to perceived shape, size, curvature, etc., my aim here is to examine the impact of proximity on perceived values and value relationships. I have often heard art teachers tell students to step away from their drawings/paintings during their process so that they may better… Continue reading

Proximity Alert! One of the more insidious pitfalls that can plague both the novice as well as the seasoned observational representationalist is a failure to adequately consider the role of observational proximity. This issue is especially insidious in that it can pounce even when an artist has successfully communicated every measurement and observed proportion with great accuracy,… Continue reading

WVIA’s ArtScene with Erika Funke (CR2017)

viagra generico 100 mg prezzo piu basso a Venezia Anya Dribas, general administrator of the Ani Art Academies, and artist Anthony J. Waichulis talk about “Capturing Realism 2017,” on display July 8 through August 26 at the Pauly Friedman Art Gallery at Misericordia University in Dallas. There will be a “Meet the Artists” reception from 5 to 7 p.m. July 8. Complete information can… Continue reading

Perception and the Ever-Elusive Ellipse. For many visual artists, the ellipse remains one of the most challenging shapes to draw or paint successfully.  This deceptively simple, symmetrical oval has infuriated countless artists and continues to taunt us all with its smug elusiveness.  Ok, that might be a bit much—but if you have tried to draw one of these closed symmetric… Continue reading

Getting Organized… A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part VI) Note: It is highly recommended that you read So What’s With Jane already? A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part I) , “To the makers of music – all worlds, all times.” A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part II) , Henri Breuil and Alfred Yarbus Walk into a Bar…A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part III), A… Continue reading