“To the makers of music – all worlds, all times” A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part II)

Note: It is highly recommended that you read So What’s With Jane already? A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part I) before embarking on this installment. “One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.” –­Loren Eiseley Dr. Sagan responded to this challenge by assembling a team to create… Continue reading

Charcoal/Pastel vs. Graphite as a Precursor to Oil Painting.

I would like to make clear that the comparisons presented here are limited to the pencil forms of both compressed charcoal and graphite. I am not taking into account powdered graphite/charcoal, charcoal or graphite mixed with alcohol, or any other significantly less-common (in modern day atelier training) application of either material. Additionally, this comparison is… Continue reading