Visiting the Valley.

One particularly fascinating perceptual/cognitive phenomenon that continues to garner careful study in my fields of interest is one that seems to target those that aspire to create what I will refer to as “high-definition realism” (HDR-not to be confused with high-dynamic range.)  In fact, this phenomenon easily has the power to lead a meticulously crafted… Continue reading

“To the makers of music – all worlds, all times” A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part II)

Note: It is highly recommended that you read So What’s With Jane already? A Primer on Pictorial Composition. (Part I) before embarking on this installment. “One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.” –­Loren Eiseley Dr. Sagan responded to this challenge by assembling a team to create… Continue reading