A Few Thoughts on Complementary Colors and Color Opponency.

I came across a very good article last night exploring the benefits of working with a limited palette. The article was written by Courtney Jordan and is available on the artist daily blog here: http://www.artistdaily.com/blogs/artist-daily/sharpen-your-ability-to-judge-color-tone-and-value/ Within this article, one very knowledgeable artist shared his strategies for extending his palette’s color gamut as far as possible… Continue reading

Proximity Alert!

One of the more insidious pitfalls that can plague both the novice as well as the seasoned observational representationalist is a failure to adequately consider the role of observational proximity. This issue is especially insidious in that it can pounce even when an artist has successfully communicated every measurement and observed proportion with great accuracy,… Continue reading

Visiting the Valley.

One particularly fascinating perceptual/cognitive phenomenon that continues to garner careful study in my fields of interest is one that seems to target those that aspire to create what I will refer to as “high-definition realism” (HDR-not to be confused with high-dynamic range.)  In fact, this phenomenon easily has the power to lead a meticulously crafted… Continue reading