Regarding Edges…

Now, if we are speaking of strict observational replication, we do not need to conflate our process with anything more elaborate than standard “ground-level” classifications of visual elements. Let’s take value for example. If my goal is limited to the strict replication of a spherical model, my aim is to apply and arrange values in… Continue reading

Suggested Donation: Anthony Waichulis

Our guests will range from curators to chefs, tattoo and graffiti artists to an artisanal bicycle maker. As many of these craftspeople frequently use painting as a metaphor for excellence in their own sphere, our conversations will explore this link in the interest of restoring a broader devotion to skill in the arts. We aim… Continue reading

The “Pitfalls” of reading about Photography “Pitfalls”

The article began by establishing the idea that just because you have seen a photograph of something does not mean you know “exactly” what something may look like. While I understood the basic groundwork that the author was trying to establish here, the opening signaled that what would most likely follow would be a series… Continue reading